This is a one stop shop for all things vocational.

As the incoming Chair for Vocational Service and a Rotarian of 2 years standing I am on a steep learning curve and this site contains a conglomeration of all the things I have found helpful to me in the few months since I took office.

I have also provided direct links to the RI documentation that I have found useful as I recognise finding items on the RI site can be a now you are only one click away.

Hopefully this bank of information will aid your understanding and help enhance your club's vocational service efforts.

If you have any questions or you have some ideas on how we can improve our approach to Vocational service still further please contact me. I am available to support your efforts and would be delighted to speak at your club or area meeting.

Keep an eye on this section -- as new materials become available, we'll post them here. If YOU have something you're prepared to share, get in touch with me and we'll see if we can get it posted to share with the rest of the district!


Tony Sheard
Vocational Chair

Telephone: 519-797-3151