Lorna Gunning Fratschko, President of the Rotary Club of London South has implemented a program in her business whereby non-profits can benefit from her business relationships. She wants to share the concept with other District 6330 Rotarians. It's an intriguing way for her to serve her community through vocational service. 

Lorna writes:
I think it's important to put your money where your values are. My SAVE & IMPACT program contributes an ADDITIONAL 10% of my clients’ billings to the charitable organization of their choice! 



Some details on Lorna's program "Save & Impact" follow:


Your Business Will SAVE Money & IMPACT The Non Profit Organization Of Your Choice

When Lorna decided to really put her money where her values are and start her SAVE & IMPACT program, she had no idea where this could lead. The concept was simple: just offer an ADDITIONAL 10% of clients’ billings to the non profit of her client’s choice AND ensure that the givings are tax receipted. Lorna’s clients love it!

Lorna is proud of the work her Save & Impact Program delivers and works with non profit organizations such as Hope’s Eating Disorder Support.

Cynthia O’Neill, Interim Executive Director writes:

 …we often work with Lorna to identify businesses with which Hope’s Eating Disorders Support has a relationship. To date, the funds we have received from the SAVE & IMPACT program have helped to deliver our art therapy program to participants dealing with negative body image issues and disordered eating. Thank you Lorna and the Save & Impact program!

For more information about the great work of Hope’s Eating Disorders Support, go to www.hopeseds.org


Want to know more?  Contact Lorna Gunning Fratschko at lorna.rotary@gmail.com

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