The home page of the District 6330 website contains a link to "District Governor Visits" in the Site Pages section (from the menu on the home page). Following that link will lead you to the current visit schedule and other information.  
In most cases, your Assistant Governor will attend and will introduce the District Governor. If the Assistant Governor is unable to attend, you should arrange for a club member to introduce the District Governor. A bio for that purpose is available on the District Governor Visits page. You may use, or modify it, as you see fit for the introduction.
There is also a document containing guidelines for the visit. Please note that DG Martin and Mary both have dietary restrictions. Neither of them eats meat. Other protein sources such as beans, nuts, eggs, dairy, or fish would be appreciated on the menu.
Your club may choose to make the meeting a little more formal than their normal meeting, or may choose to make the visit an informal meeting. DG Martin is flexible and will adapt to whatever type of meeting your club would like to arrange for the visit.
Your Area's AG should contact you approximately 2 weeks prior to the scheduled club visit to confirm the visit and it's time and location.
DG Martin would appreciate meeting with members of the club's executive for 15 minutes, or so, either before or after the meeting. The preference is for before the meeting - except for early morning meetings where the preference would be after the meeting.
If the schedule allows, DG Martin would appreciate a tour some of your club's local projects.