August is Membership and New Club Development Month in Rotary. One of our key focuses this year is to grow our membership in District 6330. We have just finished visiting 19 Rotary Clubs this month. We have learned so much about each Rotary Club and what it means to their community. I want us to continue this pride by ensuring that Rotary is there for each of our communities, today, tomorrow and in the years ahead. That means adding members to our Clubs. There is some great excitement about adding new members in our Clubs. Clubs have plans, membership committees, activities organized, socials ready to go and we are achieving results.

We have seen Clubs that have grown in the last few months. Congratulations to the Meaford Club! The London Club also welcomed the first Satellite Club in our District, the Rotary Satellite Club of London Centennial. A special welcome to all of our new Rotarians. We are off to a great start in our District and the momentum is there. How can people not be excited when you ask them by sharing your enthusiasm for Rotary?

Growing membership takes work. It means having a plan, focusing on opportunities sharing what we do and asking people to join you. Ask someone what they are interested in and show them how Rotary participates. Ask someone out to a “hands on” service project or ask them to volunteer with you to see the “fun and fellowship” that comes with being a Rotarian.

I have been putting a post on the District 6330 Facebook page for every Club visit. Please join our Facebook Group and see the amazing things that are happening in our District. Share the posts out on your Facebook Newsfeed and Club Facebook Pages so people know about the projects we are undertaking locally and internationally. Let people know what the members in District 6330 are doing to celebrate Membership month and put together a post to share your successes.

We have a Club Extension Chair this year- David Elliott. He is available to help you look at innovative and flexible alternatives. That includes looking for opportunities to grow new Rotary Clubs where Rotary does not exist today as well as identify places where we might have more Satellite Clubs in our District.

Our RI President this year, John Germ says that we need “more willing hands, more caring hearts, and more bright minds to move our work forward.” Remember that an invitation to join Rotary is a gift that someone gave you, let’s pass along that gift to someone else. I can’t make your club or community stronger, but you can. Ask people you know to join Rotary. Let’s ensure a future in each of our communities that includes Rotarians working to “Serve Humanity” both at home and around the world.