Posted by Myrna Inglis on Dec 17, 2019
District Grants are a way to maximize Club resources for projects.
For a $600 USD project, a Club can apply for a $200 USD District Grant or if the project is $6,000, they can apply for a maximum $2,000 USD District Grant. One Club has applied for 4 different smaller grants in order to utilize their total grant allowance of $2,000 USD.
To date for 2019-2020, there are 18 approved Grants, 1 Funded Grant, 21 Grant Proposals and 3 cancelled grants. These Grant proposals need to move to the Application stage as soon as possible to ensure adequate time to review the application, complete the work of the project and prepare the final report before May 31, 2020.
No Complete Final Report = No Funding.
The planning stage for 2020 – 2021 District Grants starts now. The online training course to become qualified is available now on the District web site in the Foundation section under the “Manage” header. At least 2 members from each Club need to become qualified. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is also available on the District web site. This document is signed by the current President Elect and either the Vice President or the Chair of the Foundation Committee and then submitted to Martin Ward , Foundation Chair. Once the qualified members are in place and the MOU has been signed, then the qualified members and Grants Committee can start brainstorming about eligible projects and reviewing the additional grant information available on both the District web site and in the grants section of Clubrunner. Grant proposals for 2020-2021 must be submitted before May 31, 2020.
Grant qualification must be renewed yearly and neither previous grant experience nor a grant related position qualifies for this renewal. Only the District 6330 online course will be accepted.

Any questions, please check with Martin Ward or myself.

Myrna Inglis
District Grants Chair