District 6330 is embarking on it's first year as a Rotary Friendship Exchange District. We are now officially registered as such with Rotary International. Connections have been made with several districts in the Rotary world.
Tentatively, we are planning a Rotary Cultural Friendship Exchange with District  2430 in Turkey.
It is likely that our outbound group will travel immediately after our 2018 District Conference in early May and the inbound group will be in our District during the two weeks leading up to the International Convention ( mid June).
The team will consist of up to 8-12 people. 
Are you interested in being part of the travel team? (Travellers are responsible for all costs.)
We are looking for host Clubs and interested Rotarians to be part of the planning of the inbound team's hosting and activities. This is your opportunity to show your Rotary colours!!
For lots of information on RFE and updates on our Cultural Friendship Exchange, please follow us at:
Please contact me with your interest at the e-mail below or through the Facebook page. 
Respectfully submitted,
PDG Tanya Wolff
RFE Chair 6330