An important change is being implemented to global grant funding for 2020-21.
  • Matching of cash donations, by clubs and individuals, to be discontinued as of July 1, 2020.
  • Matching of DDF contributions to Global Grants continues at 1:1
The Rotary Foundation has issued the following notice:
The global grant program has been very successful and has grown at an incredible pace since its launch in 2013. This growth, however, means that we expect the demand for global grants to dramatically exceed the capacity of the World Fund.
Because of this, the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation have decided that World Fund resources will be used to match only District Designated Fund (DDF) contributions. This match will remain at 100 percent. The match on cash contributions to grants will be eliminated, effective 1 July 2020. Global grant applications that have been submitted but not yet approved on 1 July will still receive the World Fund match for cash contributions.

Contributions to the Annual Fund are invested to produce DDF and the World Fund. Cash contributions in support of a grant do not. By supporting the Annual Fund, members can ensure a steady supply of both DDF and World Fund resources for the global grant projects that change people’s lives.

In addition, due to the incredible efforts of Rotarians to address the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve fully expended this year’s global grant budget. When the pandemic hit, global grant submissions rose 33% as Rotarians moved into action. It has truly been inspiring. Please know that despite this pause in approvals, we’ll continue reviewing applications so that we’re ready when we resume grant approvals on 1 July.

If you have questions, please contact Martin Ward, District Rotary Foundation Chair at, or write directly to