The Rotary Club of London was approached by Mission Services London’s Rotholme to see if they wanted to partner with Corus radio’s ‘Fill the Bus’ Campaign. This was an ask to gather school supplies for Rotholme families. In return we were given a live radio interview to talk about Rotary and what we do in our Community. (
Rotholme Women’s & Family Shelter primarily accommodates families (two parent and single parent families, both male and female led). There is accommodation for approximately twenty families. Single women who have no other shelter options may be registered for a shelter stay.
Rotarians and their friends and family went above and beyond and fullfed our role to be ‘People of Action’.
Here is a note from Rotholme to make us aware of what we gave:
“We had a goal of collecting enough backpacks and the supplies for 74 school age children at Rotholme, we ended up collecting 125 backpacks and more than enough supplies to fill them all with everything the children need to start the school year off right and some to store away for new children that come to Rotholme and are in need throughout the school year.  “
And to top it off, the day we had the pick up during our lunch meeting our speaker, Janine Wass, from Frontier College was so moved by all we gave that she had Frontier College send enough age appropriate educational books to give to each child that passes through their doors for the better part of the year!
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