Imagine Rotary. How do you imagine your club in five years’ time? What great service projects will be completed in your community or in the world? What new members will be attracted to join your efforts? What lives will be impacted and changed forever because of your work?
Having spent most of my working career in the nonprofit world membership organizations like ours place a high emphasis on growth. I believe it our responsibility as Rotarians to create club cultures and club experiences that are inviting, rewarding and fun for prospective members. What barriers need to be addressed so everyone may have a great Rotary experience? What assistance does your club need to grow?
I am fortunate after a two-year hiatus to be able to visit your clubs in person and to meet each of you. Please also invite me to your service projects and fundraisers. Let’s have fun this year, do good things in the world and ask others to join us on this journey.  Lots of questions here. Let’s find out the answers together!
Mike Chaffee, District Governor 2022-23