A Rotary Day event April 6  (alternate May 4)

Help us raise $100,000.00 for the Polio Plus Campaign.
Rotarian or Rotarians host a meal in their home, invite “Non Rotarians”  (4 to 8) to the evening and ask for a minimum donation of $25.00 to Polio.
Rotarians register with our District Polio Chair , Margaret  at baronesserainn@gmail.com with number of guests, and money collected so we can track.
Money collected to go to the club treasure and they send to the Foundation in support of Polio Plus.
The evening will be one of sharing knowledge about the Rotary history of the Eradication of Polio at home and globally. When it started, where we are today and the need to continue the fight.
A great evening of fellowship with community leaders and friends of Rotary. An excellent Public Image event for members to promote their club to their community.