World Polio Day—Saturday, October 24— is only a few weeks away, and District 6330 is ramping up to help your club raise funds and awareness to End Polio Now! From World's Greatest Dinners to raffles to walk-a-thons, we know that clubs and Rotarians all over the district are doing amazing things to raise funds for Polio eradication, and we want to help! Below, we have listed a number of ways that you and your club can help End Polio Now.
We’d like to highlight our district Raise for Rotary page—a new tool that allows us to create donation pages for Rotary causes—to help raise and keep track of funds raised district-wide this year for End Polio Now. One of the benefits of Raise for Rotary is that each club member and club who donates will receive credit for the donations made to this link—you just need your Rotary member ID. Also, you can share the fundraiser to Facebook or Twitter right from the fundraiser page! Simply click “Share fundraiser,” on the right, and then click the Facebook or Twitter icon. We’ve already created a shareable Facebook post in the Rotary D6330 Facebook Group that you can use to share—instructions are below.
Fundraising Goal
We are encouraging each club to set a goal of raising a minimum of $1500—that would mean an impressive $90,000 from the District to support Polio eradication!

5 Ways to End Polio

Start by watching the video from Rotary International that highlights five ways we can all help end Polio. Then, check out the list below for more ideas and suggestions on each of the five methods described in the video. All of the suggestions and ideas listed below are "COVID-19 friendly." Additionally, Rotary International has a great site——that has lots of resources to help you with the suggestions below, including an End Polio Now Resource Center.

1. Raise Awareness

End Polio Now Committee

  • Ensure your club has an End Polio Now Committee so that you can raise awareness, spread the word, and raise funds.

Discuss It in Your Club

  • Talk to your club and non-Rotarians about Polio and Rotary’s Polio eradication efforts. If you don’t know much about it—that’s ok—start by clicking here!

Register Your World Polio Day Event

  • If you or your club is hosting an event or fundraiser for World Polio Day, make sure you register it here. This page also has a helpful World Polio Day toolkit which includes press release templates, images, and lots of information about polio to help you plan your event.

2. Start a Conversation: Increase visibility of the importance of this global effort.

Sharing a Facebook post

  • You can share a post from a Facebook Page, a group, or someone else's profile/timeline to your own timeline. This is a great way to spread the word without having to write your own post! Follow the steps below:
  1. Find and click the Share button below the post you want to share (the little arrow beside the word "Share"):
  2. When you click the Share button, a drop-down menu will appear with several options (see image below). Click Share Now (Public). If you want to share the post to a group that you are in, to a Facebook Page, or to a specific person via Facebook Messenger, you can click one of those buttons instead of Share Now (Public).
  3. After a moment, you'll see a message in the bottom-right corner that confirms that your post was shared to your timeline.
  4. You're good to go!
If you want to add your own public message to the post before posting:
  1. Click Share to News Feed instead of Share Now (Public). When you click it, a pop-up will appear that will allow you to type your own message for the post:
  2. Once you've written your message, click Post.
We have created a post that includes the link to the Raise for Rotary page so you can share it. Click here to go to the post and share it. You will need to log into your Facebook account in order to share the post.

Fireside Chat

  • A local Rotarian invites other members from the District to his or her home for an update on Polio eradication and an opportunity to discuss making a major gift.
  • This event may be hosted by a Rotary officer or a Major Donor.

3. Host an Event

World’s Greatest Meal to End Polio

  • World’s Greatest Meal is a fun fundraising and awareness effort, all rolled into one event.
  • Plan a meal to raise funds for The Rotary Foundation's PolioPlus program and make it part of The World’s Greatest Meal! ‘Greatest Meal’ events have ranged from small (i.e. two people having lunch) to large, lavish dinners, street BBQs to romantic dinners!
  • All you need to do is:
  1. Register your event at
  2. Throw your event (take pictures)!
  3. Send your donations to The Rotary Foundation.
  4. Report back about your event at and to your Assistant Governor, who can help you enter it as a project on Rotary Club Central. Don’t forget to share it in the District 6330 Facebook group and your and your club's social media. We all want to learn from what you did... maybe copy your event!
  • Don't forget to work with other Rotarians and Rotaractors in your club or area, or partner with a restaurant and organize take-out meals.
  • Events can be organized by Interactors, Rotaractors, and Rotarians, both individually and as clubs. They can also be organized by non-Rotarians! Everyone can host a World’s Greatest Meal—no matter how big or how small... every bit helps!

Raffles Big and Small

  • Raffle off a gift pack, tickets to a local event, or do a 50/50 draw.
  • Clubs can have a weekly raffle for gift cards to local restaurants or area businesses.

Walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or skate-a-thon (Rotary Run/Bike/Skate to End Polio)

  • Find Rotarians, Rotarian Fellowships, athletic groups or other community members who want to participate and ask them to solicit pledges for miles or kilometres walked, pedalled or skated. Participants complete the event around their home/in their neighbourhood, with people in their bubble.
  • Solicit corporate sponsorship to cover the costs and raise funds by charging a registration fee for runners.
  • Click here to see an example

Online (eBay) auction

  • Ask Rotarians, friends and family to clean their attics and basements of items (e.g. clothing, jewelry, furniture, housewares, all in good condition) they wish to give away. Collect the items and list them for auction on eBay.
  • Enlist the help of tech-savvy Rotarians, Rotaractors, and Interactors to take photos of the items and post them online.

Create a Special Item for Sale

  • Cookbooks, ties, teddy bears, and mugs are only just a few of the items that have been sold to raise funds for End Polio Now.

White Elephant Gift Auction

  • After the holidays, ask club members to donate “white elephant items”—gifts that they received that they do not want or need. Auction these items off at a club or district meeting to raise money for Polio!

Poses for Polio

  • Reach out to your local yoga studio. Karma classes are quite popular in many studios, where proceeds support a specific cause. Classes can be in person or virtual. Publicize the event in the paper, on the radio and in all Rotary
  • Clubs in the area and encourage family members, friends and non-Rotarians to attend. 

Pints for Polio

  • Partner with a local brewery to designate a period of time when a portion of all purchases of a specific beer will support Polio eradication. Advertise the date in the community and encourage people to support the event. You could even do a virtual craft beer tasting by partnering with the brewery and having volunteers deliver the samples before the event. The brewer would then describes the samples and offers food pairings.
  • This could be applied to other events with a similar concept: Pumpkins for Polio, Pizza for Polio, Pasta for Polio, etc.

Virtual Cooking Class

  • Have your club host a virtual cooking class where attendees learn how to make a specific meal. Participants will preregister, after which they will be sent a shopping list and advance preparation instructions, if required.

Sell Sunflower Seeds, Tulip Bulbs, Mums, or Poinsettias

  • Partner with local businesses to promote the sale of an item and have a portion of the sales donated to End Polio Now. This can be done with online sales as well!

4. Advocate

Advocate to Governments about the Importance of Supporting Polio Eradication


5. Donate

Celebrate a Big Day

  • Rather than exchanging gifts for a special occasion, request that friends and family make a contribution to the End Polio Now campaign. 

Skip a Meal

  • At your Rotary Club meeting, opt to skip the meal and donate the cost to End Polio Now. This is very achievable during COVID as many clubs are meeting virtually and so meals are not part of most meetings.

Share the D6330 End Polio Now 2020 Raise for Rotary Link

  • This fantastic tool is a great way to help raise and keep track of funds raised district-wide this year for End Polio Now. You can easily share the fundraiser to Facebook, Twitter, or via email, right from the fundraiser page! Simply click “Share fundraiser,” on the right, and then click the Facebook, Twitter, or email icon. You can also donate directly from this page. Here is the link to the page:
  • Sharing the Link via Email: You can also email the link to the Raise for Rotary page to your friends, family, and connections by copying and pasting the email template below into a new email!

Dear [recipient’s name],
I hope that you’re doing well! As you may know, I’m raising money for The Rotary Foundation, and I could really use your help. I’ve already raised [amount], but I’m trying to make it to [amount] by [deadline/date].
Even a small donation would help me reach my goal. The funds raised will help support Rotary projects that improve lives around the world. [Include personal anecdote about why the Foundation is important to you].
You can make a donation to my fundraiser by clicking here: []. Feel free to share my campaign on Facebook and Twitter, too! Thank you in advance for your support. Please
let me know if you have any questions about my fundraiser, my goal, or The Rotary Foundation.
[Your name]
Those are just a few of the ways you can help End Polio Now. While not exhaustive, we hope this list has provided you with some ideas to get you started. If you have questions, contact your Assistant GovernorD6330 End Polio Now Chair Katherine Hahn, or D6330 Public Image and Social Media Chair Kirk Langford. We are excited to see the great events that clubs across the district are planning and are here to provide support and guidance. Don't hesitate to reach out to us!