District 6330 is an ongoing supporter of The Rotary Foundation both with club and individual donations as well as by utilizing the many services and grant opportunities our foundation provides.
Above the donations and program support  shown here, our clubs all work within their own communities and give of their time and treasure to make the world a better place.
We Give
The Rotarians of District 6330 give generously to our Rotary Foundation to help fund the humanitarian work we do both in our local communities and throughout the world. To date, members of our district have contributed a combined total of nearly $12 million US to our Rotary Foundation which has gone toward worldwide projects in our 7 areas of focus, local projects through District Grants, polio eradication and scholarships.
The Rotary Foundation is one of the gold standard charities on Charity Navigator which evaluates more than 10,000 charitable organizations. For the past 11 years, our foundation has been given the highest rating possible because of our integrity, transparency and financial quality. Read our review here.
We Act
Our District 6330 utilizes the invested returns of our donations along with our 1.4 million colleagues around the world to carry out our mission.
  • Global Grants   These are larger $30,000+ total cost grants for international projects. In recent years, our district has successfully completed numerous projects including water projects in Tanzania and Haiti, avoidable blindness projects in Mexico, agricultural projects in Cameroon to mention just a few.
  • District Grants   Each year the district allocates approximately $50,000 to be used for these grants which are used mostly for smaller local projects and occasionally for smaller international projects. A maximum of $2,000 may be used per year by one club, more for multi-club projects. Each year between 30 and 40 clubs qualify for and successfully complete grants.
  • Scholarships   The Global Grant Scholarship (formerly known as the Ambassadorial Scholarship) is a $30,000 grant for an advanced degree in one of Rotary's Seven Areas of Focus and studied an international university.  See links on this page for further information.
  •  Peace Fellowship Grants   This program aimed at international peace educates a select few young women and men from around the world in skills aimed at solving disputes and growing peaceful understanding. Our district was one of the original funders when the program started in 2002 and has offered several potential candidates for selection.