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Check out the videos below. They have been selected by the Lead Team as useful and interesting videos to use at club meetings either in-person or at an online video conference in lieu of a speaker. 
Now we are very much in a virtual environment one way of using them is to play them as part of an online meeting and then have a round table discussion afterward on what the message from the video means to your club or members. 
If you have seen other videos that you would recommend send a link via email to and include the word Video in the subject line so we may grow our library.
If you find a nice image that depicts videos can you include that at the top to make the page look more interesting...just a thought..not essential.
Tony Sheard

Click the image to play the video

Bittany talks about Rotary and Youth - 36 Mins

This video gives an interesting insight into young people and how they relate to Rotary and Rotaract. Perfect conversation starter if you are thinking about starting Rotaract Club....Grow Rotary!



A Rotaractor from Market Harborough, England - 14 Mins

Talks about fellowship and Rotaract on DOGOODERY at the Rotary International Convention 2019 in front of over 10 000 people (eek!).