The Council on Legislation (COL) has begun a new three-year cycle in the 2020-2021 Rotary year.  The first order of business was the 2020 Council on Resolutions (COR) that is now completed through an online process.
The Council on Resolutions meets online every year to vote on proposed resolutions and urgent enactments. Resolutions are requests to the Board or the Trustees to take an action that is outside the purview of the constitutional documents. Ideally, a resolution should affect the Rotary world, rather than address local or administrative issues. An urgent enactment is a change to the constitutional documents, proposed by the RI Board, that the Board has determined cannot wait until the next Council on Legislation, which is held every three years.
Representatives from all Rotary districts vote on items proposed by clubs, districts, the RI Board, and the general council or conference of RIBI. Adopted resolutions are then considered by the RI Board or The Rotary Foundation Trustees. Urgent enactments that have been adopted will amend the constitutional documents, and will take effect one month after the Council on Resolutions report has been sent.
The 2020 Council on Resolutions has just completed with the voting results posted to My Rotary.  I encourage Rotarians to login to their My Rotary accounts and access to review the resolution documents and the voting outcomes.  Of the 31 resolutions voted on, 12 were adopted for RI Board or Trustee review over the next year.  The table below provides a listing of the adopted resolutions, notice the themes are varied, address Rotary corporate and district issues with little potential of directly impacting clubs.
Item No. Results Y/N      Resolutions
20E-01    Adopted - 296/156 To amend who is a member of the Council

20R-02    Adopted - 277/175 To request the RI Board to consider emphasizing the importance of actions based upon Rotary’s ideal of service
20R-03    Adopted - 315/136 To request the RI Board to consider reintroducing professional development as a value of Rotary
20R-10    Adopted - 309/143 To request the RI Board to consider requiring Rotary Youth Exchange organizations to provide annual financial reports
20R-11    Adopted - 393/61 To request the RI Board to consider reviewing Rotaract’s status within Rotary
20R-12    Adopted - 308/144 To request the RI Board to consider ensuring that the powers of the RI Board do not unfairly exceed those of clubs, Rotaract clubs, and districts
20R-13    Adopted - 330/120 To request the RI Board to consider making Rotary’s website and email technologies more accessible for those with visual impairments or other disabilities and extending that technology to its clubs
20R-14    Adopted - 252/202 To request the RI Board to consider reintroducing the vocational committee at the district level
20R-15    Adopted - 295/166 To request the RI Board to consider forming committees to nominate regional leader candidates
20R-16    Adopted - 268/180 To request the RI Board to consider proposing legislation to limit the term of the general secretary to no more than ten years
20R-25    Adopted - 255/200 To request the Trustees to consider including measures for the prevention and elimination of plastic waste and residues
20R-31    Adopted - 229/220 To request the Trustees to consider allowing districts to use their own scholarship criteria when awarding scholarships for which no World Fund matching funds are used

Submitted by:
Pat Voegelin
COL Representative