FLINT, MI – In the spirit of unity and cooperation, District 6330 Area 7 Rotary Clubs from
throughout greater Flint, Michigan, came together to launch the Rotary Mile Project – an
interclub initiative in support of the internally acclaimed Crim Festival of Races.
Each year in August, the city of Flint plays hosts to more than 13,000 runners, walkers and
wheelchair racers who take on the 10-mile race course, along with several other races,
walks and community events.
This year, between mile markers six and seven, participants were greeted by a special
Rotary Mile banner at mile 6 and a series of yard signs promoting the organization’s mission
and benefits to society. Club members were also stationed along the one-mile stretch,
cheering on the racers, providing traffic control and distributing more than 1,300 cups of
water to runners as they passed by mile 7. And in thanks for their service, Rotary Mile
Project lead Mike Chaffee of the Flint club hosted a breakfast at 6:30 am for all Rotarian
volunteers at his house next to the Rotary Mile banner.
This effort was built off a years long tradition of water distribution during the event by
members of the Greater Flint Sunrise club.
For more information, please visit flingsunrise.org or contact either Mike Chaffee
( michael.chaffee@scouting.org ) or Assistant District Governor Al Tucker