(from the Zone Public Image Coordinator)
When people comment on your club’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page, reply. Show them that you care and appreciate the time they took to comment.
Social media isn’t just posting. Social media is about communicating. Are you a social media creator or a consumer?

Creators circulate content, but more than that... they look to see how effective their platform is and who it is reaching.

Who do you want to reach with your club and district’s social media?

Rotary Clubs are about making humanity better. Rotarians join together, exchange ideas and make change in their local and global community. They also make friends while doing it. Rotarians are people who inspire. Show that.

Use the photos and words that convey what your club, Rotary International, and your district are doing.

Ask the question; Why Rotary? - And then answer it.

Why Rotary? Because Rotary stops disease.
Why Rotary? Because Rotarians have fun helping the world?
Why Rotary? Because with Rotary you can make a difference.

And it’s more than that. Just like social media, Rotary is about communication, about the exchange of ideas. Your Facebook posts, Twitter posts and Instagram images are only the first step in  communication. The second step is interacting with the people who take the time to comment on those posts.

That’s right. Those people take THE TIME to comment on something to you. You can take the time to comment back, to respond. If you were talking to them in real life, would you ignore their voice?