Posted by John Conlin
Thank You to everyone for making the District 6330 Virtual Conference a SUCCESS!
After 20 months of planning a traditional in person conference, spread over 2 1/2 days we had a visit from Covid.
What to do? How to do it? Where to do it? Cancel it?  Those were the questions. Thankfully due to our early planning we had a good idea of what we wanted. No idea of how to do it?
No to cancelling! No to 2 1/2days ….. three months of re-imaging, great technical support, above and beyond cooperative speakers (guests in the virtual world) and enthusiastic attendees we had a Conference. Would it work? Would anyone tune in?
We got our answers…
373 people registered on Zoom prior to ‘Go Live” from 14 different countries. 248 were online by 9 am which peaked at over 274 and even as the credits rolled, 198 remained online:
•       Bangladesh
•       Cameroon
•       Canada
•       Chile
•       Colombia
•       India
•       Kenya
•       Nigeria
•       Pakistan
•       Philippines
•       Sri Lanka
•       Uganda
•       UK
•       USA
With Facebook Live by the end of the show, another 975 followed along and since then a further 625 have viewed the show. A number of Facebook users also started watch parties and one we know of had another 27 participants. It is not known whether this was for 5 minutes or the whole show but what we do know is around 2000 households were exposed to the District 6330 - 2020 Vision Conference. So in total, it is estimated around 3000 people experienced the event..!
Last year around 150 people were present at various times over the weekend conference and the trend has been downward for the past several years.
As I said in my closing remarks “this was the best attended District 6330 ever or the smallest as there were 6 of us present in the Studio at Rotary Hall in Southampton”….take your choice..!
The Conference exceeded our expectations and feedback confirms that it exceeded yours as well.
District Governor Tony, did however articulate one missing element.  “One of my biggest disappointments of the year was that my club did not get the chance to experience running an in person conference”.
The full conference is available online at the Post Conference Web page along with the Connect Zone where you can find out about opportunities to partner in international projects, see the Photo Competition entries, Celebration of Life and much more.
If you missed the live event, tune in now. If you were inspired by a speaker or presentation, you can share with your club. The Content lives on and we hope you find it helpful.
Our best wishes to Dave Elliot for a fabulous year and the London Club for another fabulous Conference.
John Conlin
District Conference Chair
Proud member of Southampton Rotary Club