Posted by Chris Snyder

HIP is an initiative of Rotarians from several Rotary districts (6330, 7010, 7040, 7070 and 7080) that cover a large percentage of the province of Ontario.  We wish to encourage Rotarians across Canada to work with each other and with y people in order to empower indigenous people through education. We also wish to create awareness among Rotariansand others of the issues, culture and history of indigenous people in Canada.


Through these two initiatives we hope to create change and reconciliation.

The HIP website is intended to be a β€œgo-to” website ( for all Canadians and a facilitating and connecting source and guide for all Rotary clubs and Rotarians who wish to be β€œdoers”.  Half our board members are indigenous community leaders and half are Rotarians representing the five founding districts.

Our mission, values and principles were developed after extensive discussions with many Rotarians and indigenous leaders.  Our role, in part, will be to:


  • List and share educational project opportunities;
  • Create opportunities to partner with other clubs and groups;
  • Provide ideas for clubs to create awareness amongst club members and other Canadians;
  • Provide a place to go for all Canadians to become better informed about indigenous culture and history;
  • Provide leadership and an example for all Canadians to follow;
  • Create a tax receiptable facility for personal donations (to be finalized);
  • Provide updates on current activities throughout Ontario and across Canada.


Often, progress is made simply by removing obstacles.  This could be something as simple as providing a backpack or books for a school child; speaking and listening to an indigenous person; giving a word of encouragement; or assisting indigenous people to access their own history.

Every club may know of an indigenous group in its community with whom to partner, but if not, we will make available opportunities.  We would encourage clubs to share these activities with each other.

We will also develop partnerships with other groups so we can leverage our time, money, knowledge and connections.

We are excited about the possibilities of HIP.  We hope you are too and hope you will join in this endeavour of turning ideas into actions with and for indigenous Canadians.


Chris Snyder
Chair, HIP
Rotary Club of Toronto 

Tel:  416-364-0181 Ext. 2501