The Community of Goderich is rich in services clubs, hosting - among others - the Lions Club, the Kinsmen and Kinettes, the Knights of Columbus, and of course, its own Rotary Club. While these clubs are welcoming to potential new members, it seems there is a noticeable absence of a club targeting the needs of the community from the perspective of young adults.
Ask any twenty-something and you'll likely be told that they would like to participate in community service, but are unsure how to get involved. Rotaract is creating opportunities for Goderich's young people to give to their community.
Our vision as a club is to collaborate the minds and abilities of Goderich’s young people to contribute to the betterment of the quality of life for all, and to develop as leaders in the world of service.
The Rotaract Club of Goderich is made up of eager men and women, ages 18-30 from Goderich and area who have assembled through word of mouth and through social media to participate in community service projects. In our first year, we are focusing a great deal of our efforts on making our contribution to Goderich as volunteers. For example, in April we are participating as a group in a Shoreline Clean Up hosted by The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation. We are, however, also hosting a golf tournament in September, 2018 as a Rotaract fundraiser.
As we gain momentum, we continue to explore the needs of our community and, with the guidance of our generous and supportive sponsor club, The Rotary Club of Goderich, are excited to develop as a service club in the great community of Goderich.