Posted by Erin Shankie
SAVE THE DATE - Vibrant Club Seminar - Saturday November 2nd
Come join us live or via Zoom for an exciting new session to help you with your membership challenges and learn want's new in our Foundation and our new approach to qualify for grants.
  • Purpose: The opportunity for all members to learn how to become more engaged in Rotary through service and to grow Rotary.

  • Objectives
    - Learn about how the Foundation supports clubs and allows them to widen the scope of their projects
    - Learn about how enhancing your club’s public image can increase membership, awareness of your club in the community, and unify your club.
    - Learn how to grow membership by engaging existing members, making your club appealing to prospective members, and exploring new types of clubs (satellite, Rotaract, Interact)
Who should attend? ...anyone with an interest in Growing Rotary and learning more about our Foundation. Ideal for President's, President Elects,  Membership Chairs, Public Image Chairs, Foundation Chairs and anyone who wants to apply for a grant from the Foundation.
The session will run during the morning of Saturday November 2nd at the United Church Community Centre in Grand Bend, and will be live streamed to other locations throughout the District. There will be no separate Foundation Seminars this year.  Details of satellite locations and precise times to follow.