The following Article appeared in the Tobermory Press regarding RC NBP and what we did instead of hosting the Santa Clause parade and visits with Santa as we have done for many years.

SANTA’S VISIT WAS SO EXCITING (written by Jim Dilimarter)

Santa had the best time visiting the Northern Bruce thanks to Rotarians Edwin McCutcheon, John White, Dave Mansfield, Rob Hiscott and, of course, one of Santa’s best friends, Doug Embleton.  It is rumoured that Rotarian Doug and Santa have known each other for years. 
It was good we had so many Rotarians helping because there were issues to be looked after that even Santa’s best elves could not solve.  The wiring on the trailer carrying Santa’s sleigh needed fixing and Rotarian John White was right there to do the job. Santa wanted to hear ‘Jingle Bells’ as he approached the schools and Rotarian Dave Mansfield was right there to make that happen.  Pictures needed to be taken for Santa and the elves and for all of us and Rotarian Rob Hiscott was there to do that.  Santa was grateful to them all.  He especially wanted to thank Rotarian Edwin McCutcheon for storing his sleigh every year and keeping it in such great shape.
We want to thank Santa himself for coming and putting so many smiles on faces in our community.  His visit was deeply appreciated.  Thanks Santa!
The children of Bruce Peninsula District School, Lion’s Head Dare Care, and St. Edmund’s School enjoyed Santa’s visit.  The Seniors in Hayes Subdivision were outside cheering as the sleigh moved along. The Residents of Golden Dawn loved seeing Santa peeking in their windows and waving.  It was, as Santa himself put it, a ‘jolly good time’ for everyone. 
Rotary presented a cheque to Principal Matt Pickett to help with the lunch and healthy snack programs at both Bruce Peninsula District and St. Edmund’s School.
All I can say is the day was fabulous and Santa was so thrilled.  He asks everyone to BE SAFE and to remember that he will be back CHRISTMAS EVE.