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- Rotary Year 2021-2022

Club Description
Goderich Coast Watchers App - Working together with The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation (LHCCC) - Coast Watchers Citizen Science Program in the development of an App for cell phone and computer use to monitor the coastal environment. This supports a healthy coastal ecosystem through education, restoration and research projects. A citizen science program to monitor coastal conditions.
Grand Bend PPE for Eswatini Hospitals (Southern Africa) - Purchase and delivery of various PPE to elevate shortages for PPE in area Hospital and Clinics in Eswatini, South Africa
London Environment Day Tree Planting - We intend to work with Reforest London, a local not for profit organization, to plant 150 trees. This project aligns with Rotary’s newest (seventh) area of focus: Supporting the Environment. Our intention with this project is to mobilize our club members to help increase the quantity of trees within our urban forest.
London MEXICO-Paul Harris School desk & chairs replacement.
Phase 1-replace 54 desks & 108 chairs for grades 1, 2 & 3 at the Paul Harris School, Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. RCL will be working with the local R/C as partners in Mexico. All existing desk/chairs are in extremely poor condition, the local authority does not have financial ability to fund replacements, physical community support is strong but also financially deficit.
London East The club is partnered with Worga to provide needy post-secondary students with necessary sums for books, transportation, school supplies, tuition, etc. to graduate from universities and colleges in nursing, midwifery, law, administration, teaching and other courses needed to develop their country.
London South Integrated Water and Menstrual Hygiene Management Project - Phase 1 of the project entails personal hygiene and provision of clean water through solar disinfection. The project would construct water tables for the identified 25 households and a school, provide PET bottles as well as train girls, their teachers, and parents on Solar Disinfection, an easy DIY low-cost water treatment.
London-Hyde Park Wellspring 2021 - Wellspring is a cancer support group providing support for children and adolescents dealing with this disease. This project supports Wellspring in providing this service.
London-Lambeth Lambeth Main Street Winter Lights - The project is to fund replacement of 10 seasonal winter lights on Main Street Lambeth.
Meaford Ukerewe Water Well Project II Tanzania - Construct two fresh water wells on the Island of Ukerewe in Lake Victoria, Tanzania
Mitchell Water Station - Outdoor Water Bottle filling Station. This will help towards elimination of single use plastics in our community. To be completed as soon as possible following approval. Located at Cooper Park in Mitchell. Filling station to be used by walkers, runners, and sport teams, general public to fill their own water bottles vs using the single use plastic.
Petrolia Victoria Park Sign Replacement - Victoria Park is on main street, in front of the Town Hall and the Victoria Playhouse. This park is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Petrolia.The existing sign is in disrepair and we are partnering with the Town to put up a new modern information sign.Our club will look after the installation of cement base for the sign.
Port Elgin Wandering Patient Alarm System - Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation, Southampton has recently installed a wandering patient system, however they need an upgrade so that it links to the exit doors, locking them when a patient is on the move and should not be. This total project is $10,000. $4000 has already been raised but they are short $6,000.
Sarnia Literacy Project - Design and build mini libraries that can be installed at locations throughout the city. Initial estimate is for 30 units. Organizing team will canvas local area for individuals or businesses (stewards) interested in a mini library at their location. Concept encourages literacy with free access, give a book, take a book.
Sarnia Lambton After-Hours Habitat for Humanity Build Project - Our club members will participate in a "team build day" on one of three homes being built in Sarnia this summer by Habitat for Humanity. The $5,000 that we are providing to Habitat for Humanity will be used for building materials.
Sarnia-Bluewaterland Habitat For Humanity - We are planning on giving Habitat for Humanity $5000.00 that will go towards one of the expenses of a build that will happen in our area in 2021/2022. We have communicated with Habitat and we will be able to get an invoice for either windows or roof etc. for a build that will happen after this grant has been approved.
Southampton Day Away Program 2021-2022
The Day Away Program in Saugeen Shores serves approximately 25 people daily. Program representatives have requested support for the purchase of a new commercial grade dishwasher and a number of folding card tables to service their clients.
St. Clair Rotary Wildlife Landing - Restoring the shoreline in the City of St. Clair's Rotary Park. The plan developed will stabilize the shoreline and utilize native plant species of many different textures and seasons of interest to provide colorful, low maintenance, environmentally and butterfly friendly landscaping.
St. Marys Meadowridge Park - Establish a naturalized area adjacent to Meadowridge Park. The Town of St. Marys has proposed a multi-year naturalization plan which upon completion would include the planting of 520 trees and shrubs over the 30,000 sq ft area over 4 yr period.
St. Thomas Railway City YWCA - Comfort Packs for Newcomers - We propose to purchase backpacks and fill them with a suggested list of items to be provided to the local YWCA for newcomers to our City/area .....when these families/individuals arrive, they usually come with very little and this comfort pack will get them started.
St. Thomas Railway City Inn out of the Cold - purchase of Freezer and food products for their new permanent location and food supplies to stock the freezer /shelves to make dinners for the homeless that spend the nights with them. This organization has been assisting the homeless/near homeless for several years from a local church basement. This fall they will move to a new location to operate 24/7 all year.
Stratford The COMMIT committee (Canadian Outreach Medical & Mission Team) of the Rotary Club of Stratford Charitable Foundation is seeking $570 USD in grant funding towards purchasing and housing a Corn Grinder/ Hammermill for its community development project in Nandarola, Nicaragua.
Stratford Water Storage Tank for Nicaragua
We are seeking to purchase a 22,000 litre black heavy duty plastic water tank to upgrade the public water system in the village of Nandarola in Nicaragua.  This continues community development work launched by COMMIT to provide clean water, improve local health, and enable community economic development through market gardening.
OFAC approved by TRF Feb 18, 2022.
Thornbury & Clarksburg Lifting up Uganda's Homeless Youth - a hand up to a community-based organization for homeless youth in the Mbale area providing proper latrines, showers, kitchen canopy, and a water catchment/storage system for irrigation and household needs at their farm. To help alleviate food scarcity for the youth and also some villagers in this area of extreme poverty.
Walkerton Story Journey's for the Library - Three story journey's and their storage case will be purchased for the Library. These story journey's are for preschool to primary aged children. A story is mounted page by page on a movable stand that can be placed in a public area. children can then walk to each page and read or visually tell the story. A storage case for each story will be included.
Walkerton Walkerton Victoria Jubilee Hall is used for meetings, productions and municipal events under a not-for-profit charity status. The stairs leading to the second and third floor theatre seating need repair as the stair tread covering is lifting causing a serious tripping hazard to the public. This project will replace tread coverings with a commercial grade stair tread product.