Why is The Dictionary Project so popular?

In 2013 2,344,291 dictionaries were given to students through the Dictionary Project. Since the project was started 21,743,490 dictionaries have been donated. The donors include over 3,000 Rotary Clubs, over 100 Rotary Districts and Rotaract Clubs as well.

The low cost of the dictionaries makes the project affordable.

The feedback from students, parents and teachers is positive. Here is an example of a thank you letter received by the Dictionary Project:

"Dear friends of our school, thank you for the dictionaries! The dictionaries are really helpful for me to understand words. I also like the dictionaries because it can help us do our homework. It is also helpful because it can help us write an essay and not misspell a word. Once again thank you for the dictionaries. Sincerely"

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Why do we give each grade 3 student a dictionary?

We chose third grade as the year to give dictionaries to students for two reasons. The first is practical: third grade is the year in which dictionary skills are taught in most schools. The second is no less practical, but broader in scope: third grade represents a critical juncture in a child's education. This is the year a student makes the transition from learning to read to reading to learn. All formal education from this point through college is premised upon the student being able to read and to understand what he or she reads. If we as a community want our children to succeed in education, we must ensure that they have the resources and encouragement to become strong readers by third grade.  

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