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And now we are into one month of our Rotary New Year and plans are being or have been made for an exciting year filled with fundraisers, family activities, joint activities and Community projects. These are busy times indeed as we prepare to continue the good work of Rotary.
August is named as Membership and Extension month in Rotary. And while we assign a month to Membership focus; in reality Membership and the growth of our Club TEAM is a year round consideration. If we want to sustain our clubs, we understand the importance of building and growing our membership by sharing the Gift of Rotary with more ‘soon-to-be members’.
Let’s first look at the word TEAM. We all recognize the significance of sports TEAMS, of building winning TEAMS; of groups gathered together in TEAMS. I have capitalized TEAM for a reason. The acronym of T.E.A.M. is Together Everyone Achieves More.
All of us belong to TEAM Rotary. In TEAM Rotary there are no spectators or audience. Every member is in the ‘game’; no one sits on the bench; and everyone benefits. Every member is involved at some level in at least one of the Five avenues of service at any given time; - working the front line, the coaching line, the back line, the outfield. Each one of us is involved in our club taking care of our communities through our programs and projects.
(from Rotary Weekly newsletter - July 31, 2015)
A dozen ways to make a difference

August is Membership and New Club Development Month, which means it’s time to celebrate your Rotary club, its members, and the good you do in your community and around the world. Discover twelve ways to make the most of your membership.


(from Rotary Weekly Newsletter - July 24, 2015)
Nigeria sees no wild polio cases for one year

Today marks one year since Nigeria last reported a polio case caused by wild poliovirus. The country is on the brink of eradicating the paralyzing disease. If no cases are reported in the coming weeks, the World Health Organization is expected to remove Nigeria from the list of countries where polio is endemic, leaving just two: Afghanistan and Pakistan.


(from Rotary Weekly Newsletter - July 2, 2015)
Meet Rotary’s new president

K.R. Ravindran’s life has been molded by family, country, and Rotary. Serving as Rotary president is his way of giving back to each of them.


Online tools key to Presidential Citation

Earn a Presidential Citation from President K.R. Ravindran. This year’s citation goals are measurable using the information your clubs provide online. Club and district officers can track a club’s progress toward its goals – and see where help is needed – by checking the new Presidential Citation reports.


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