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This month's newsletter features;

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The Start of the Rotary Year
The start of something new is always exciting - and so it is with each new Rotary year. The New Year is often associated with an opportunity to change and turning over a “new leaf”. It also provides an occasion to reflect - to look at the Past, Present and Future. Our lives are full of significant dates for celebrating - from birthdays to anniversaries, to holidays and milestones. And so it is with July 1st - a sort-of “New Year’s” for Rotary and Rotarians. A time to look at our Clubs and District; to celebrate what we have accomplished up to today; and what we envision for our future.
PDG Doug Burnard has capably lead our District over the past year and we greatly appreciate all his efforts. Thank you Doug! And to all the Assistant Governors; District Coordinators, Chairs and Officers; Club Presidents and Officers; many “Thanks” for a job well done in serving our District this past year.
As we head in to this “New Year” of Rotary, I encourage all of you to take some time to reflect. Consider the accomplishments and challenges experienced in your club the past year. Take an assessment of where your club is now. Do some brainstorming and envision how you would like your club to be. Dream Big! 

The Vancouver Metropolitan-Area Membership Strategy

(From a post to the Zone 24 & 32 Blog - By Gayle Knepper, Rotary Coordinator, Z24W)

When District 5040 (BC) leaders held the annual strategic planning meeting for the 2014-15 year, a topic discussed in depth was the health of clubs and the membership decline which had occurred over time.

In fact, when completing the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis at the session, two of the top-ranking threats were identified as:

  1. Not dealing with aging membership
  2. Not turning around the declining membership

It was critical to the future of the clubs, they determined, to focus action on these issues now, looking at new methods to turn around this troubling trend.

“Grow membership 15% over 5 years,” was the goal, to be reached through a combination of retention and new member/club development.  While they had already identified the WHAT -- the issue, determined the HOW MUCH – the goal, and the WHEN to do it (now), the real job was just beginning. Leaders now faced the bigger task -- HOW.




(from "Young Leaders In Action" - May 2015)

Rotary and ShelterBox respond to Nepal’s
Rotaractors, Interactors aid victims of Nepal earthquakes

Interact, Rotaract, and Rotary clubs around the world are mobilizing to support communities in Nepal affected by two devastating earthquakes.

From a National Geographic YouTube video published on Mar 5, 2015

A crippling polio outbreak has struck children in the conflict zone of Syria. A group of dedicated volunteers are risking their lives to vaccinate children in areas held by the Islamic State (also called ISIS), often working in areas targeted by airstrikes. Because these war-torn areas lack proper medical services, the volunteer vaccinators feel it is their duty to save Syria's children.

(Joan Fisher, District Polio Co-Chair)

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