"Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves."

District Governor Welcome
Welcome to District 6330
Our district is an international district in the USA and Canada. Situated in east central Michigan and west central Ontario - with clubs located in rural areas and in larger cities such as Flint, MI and London, ON.
Whether you live here, or are a visitor to our area - whether a member of Rotary, or just interested in learning more about this organization and what we do - you will be welcomed at any of our meetings or events.
We work together to make a difference in the lives of people in our communities - both locally and internationally - by exchanging ideas and taking action.
Feel free to contact me if you have questions, or simply would like to know more about Rotary in District 6330.
District Governor:  Jim Schlatman email: jfschlatman@wightman.ca
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(by Rotary International - from Rotary Voices - November 2, 2018)

By Eric Schmelling, chief philanthropy officer, The Rotary Foundation

As Rotary staff members, we can never take enough time in our daily responsibilities to fully express our gratitude to you, our generous donors, who make the work of The Rotary Foundation possible.

We understand the multitude of demands on your time and resources. Our donors’ commitment and willingness to join Rotary in making the world a better place is truly appreciated. Read more of this post

Celebrate World Interact WeekThis 5-11 November, Interactors around the world will take action in their communities and share how they make a difference. Here are three ways you can join the party: 
(from Rotary Voices)

By Katherine Kirkpatrick-Wahl, Rotaract Club of Toronto, Canada

We are our own greatest networking asset. I realized that early on when I assumed the role of professional development director for my Rotaract club. It amazed me every time I spoke with one of our members how accomplished they were and how they were almost afraid to talk about what they had achieved in their relatively short careers. It became my mission to help members connect with each other. I did this in two ways, peer-workshops and members connect. Read more of this post


Congratulations to Citation Clubs!

Rotary International Past President Ian Riseley has announced the clubs that have earned the Rotary Citation for the 2017-2018 Rotary year. I am very pleased to announce that 8 clubs in District 6330 have earned that award.
Many clubs in our district worked hard to achieve the Rotary Citation during the past Rotary year (ending June 30, 2018). Working towards earning the citation helped to strengthen many clubs in our district - whether they achieved the citation, or not, striving to reach their goals has positioned them for future success.
In addition to Ian Riseley's recognition, I want to add my personal congratulations to the following clubs that have earned the citation:
FlushingLondon-Hyde Park
London SouthMeaford
StratfordSt. Thomas
St. Thomas Railway CityWatford
Martin Ward, District Governor 2017-2018
Have you considered taking your talent and skills and utilizing them in a role beyond  your  Club.   We are looking for Rotarians who are interested in future roles at the District Level or beyond.  What about chairing a District Committee, being part of the AG team, Support Membership, promoting our Rotary Foundation or being a Champion for the Eradication of Polio. We want you!
During this year we would like to hold some informal information sessions around the District to help answer your questions, assist you with your future plans and help us plan for the future Leadership in our District.
Please contact PDG Diane Chantler at dianechantler@hotmail.com to express your area of interest and your Club name.  We will contact you as we schedule our information sessions.
Let’s build our future Together!
The Paul Harris Fellow recognition is a prestigious acknowledgement that the owner of this pin cares about making the community and world a better place. Rotarians who earn this pin through their donations can also acknowledge others for their contributions. This acknowledgement is done through the use of the Paul Harris points earned by Rotarians who donate to The Rotary Foundation. Here are the ins and outs of using your points.
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