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This is a very special year for Rotary, with the first woman President of Rotary International. President Jennifer Jones brings us a message of how we Rotarians can continue to make the world a better place by imagining how we can all work together to overcome the challenges of hunger, thirst, climate change, disease control, lack of education and equality for all.  Let us all continue to do our parts to achieve these goals.
On August 10, YEOs (Youth Exchange Officers), YECs (Youth Exchange Counselors), Youth Exchange Committee members, and Youth Services Committee members from across D6330 gathered on Zoom for the first YEO & YEC Training session on the 2022-2023 Rotary year. There was lots of excitement as we talked about welcoming our first Inbound students to the District in 3 years!
Imagine Rotary. How do you imagine your club in five years’ time? What great service projects will be completed in your community or in the world? What new members will be attracted to join your efforts? What lives will be impacted and changed forever because of your work?
Having spent most of my working career in the nonprofit world membership organizations like ours place a high emphasis on growth. I believe it our responsibility as Rotarians to create club cultures and club experiences that are inviting, rewarding and fun for prospective members. What barriers need to be addressed so everyone may have a great Rotary experience? What assistance does your club need to grow?
I am fortunate after a two-year hiatus to be able to visit your clubs in person and to meet each of you. Please also invite me to your service projects and fundraisers. Let’s have fun this year, do good things in the world and ask others to join us on this journey.  Lots of questions here. Let’s find out the answers together!
Mike Chaffee, District Governor 2022-23
Rotary has a legislative or parliamentary process called the Council on Legislation (COL).  Each district in the Rotary world selects a COL Representative to consider, debate and vote upon proposed enactments that have the power to amend the constitutional documents, namely the Constitution of Rotary International, the By-Laws of Rotary International and the Standard Rotary Club Constitution.  Rotary clubs, districts and the RI Board propose enactments.
The 2022 Council on Legislation was held April 10-14 in a hybrid event, both in-person in Chicago and virtually.  Your COL Representative attended virtually and was one of the 522 representatives involved.  Initially 94 proposed enactments were to be considered with adopted enactments changing the constitutional documents effective July 1st following the COL.  A list of the adopted enactments with the voting results is provided below.
Rotary leaders frequently say in their speeches that "Polio is only a plane ride away". We recently got proof that this omen could become a reality when in July, 2022 the US Center For Disease Control announced the confirmation of a polio case in the United States.
An unvaccinated young adult in Rockland County, New York was verified with having polio, probably contracted from a family member or friend visiting from another country who may have had no symptoms and was totally unaware of possible infection.

Polio Headlines 17 August, 2022

The border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan remains fragile with 14 cases YTD reported in Pakistan and 1 in Afghanistan. Identified cases in Mozambique have jumped to 4 which brings the world wild polio virus caseload to 19.
Vaccine derived cases continue to be a challenge (see story above) with 230 reported this year. Isolated cases are popping up in the US, UK and Israel where the virus is showing up in waste water.
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Rotary statement on recent polio detections in U.S., Europe

Rotary statement on recent polio detections in U.S., Europe

Stephanie A. Urchick selected to be 2024-25 Rotary International President

Stephanie A. Urchick is selected to be the 2024-25 president of Rotary International

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RI President Jennifer Jones crosses Canada from coast to coast to coast

Organized around several hubs, the tour started on 17 June to draw attention to the positive impact that clubs have in their communities.

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